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Watch: Why choose Ardmore Language Schools
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Watch: Why choose Ardmore Language Schools
Why choose us
Over 35 years of industry expertise specifically catering to junior students 

Our residential courses connect young students from over 30 different countries, through English language, life and culture.
An inspiring world of learning designed not just to build key communication skills, but the international perspective, character and resilience they need to thrive in today’s world.
We take pride in the reputation we have earned for delivering outstanding English language and specialist courses specifically designed for juniors.

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Ardmore has a fantastic portfolio of residential centres across the UK, USA, Canada, and Ireland. We are proud of our broad selection of world-famous university campuses and historic boarding schools, all offering a fantastic range of facilities and accommodation.
With Ardmore, all aspects of the student experience are taken care of, including transfers, accommodation, meals, teaching, activities, and excursions, ensuring that students have a great time while giving peace of mind to parents and agents alike.
In 2019, we welcomed over 12,000 students from 50+ countries, offering a unique and exciting international environment. This gives our students the opportunity to learn and live with other cultures while they practice their English together. We look forward to welcoming your students soon.

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The Ardmore Advantage 

We focus exclusively on young learners
It’s not just another part of our business. We design our courses bearing in mind the welfare considerations, teaching methodology, and activity programming best suited for juniors. We take pride in giving our full attention to crafting and delivering the best English language programmes, specifically created for young learners.

Safeguarding our students is our top priority

All staff must clear a complete background check process and are trained in safeguarding policies and procedures.

More than 35 years of industry expertise

We take pride in the reputation we have earned for providing outstanding English language programmes.

Multilingual, year-round support for our partner agents

Ardmore has Head Offices in the UK and USA with local, 24/7 emergency numbers during all courses. The majority of our Head Office staff has 5-20 years of experience with Ardmore.

Opportunities to mix with British students

Through collaborative programmes with our sister companies, SuperCamps and Bushcraft, international students get the chance to live and learn with native English-speaking peers.

Wide variety of centres to choose from

Ardmore has an impressive portfolio of elite universities and traditional boarding schools, spread across countryside and cities around the world.

Flexibility and client satisfaction

We are happy to tailor programs and make adjustments in order to ensure that our students have an outstanding experience.

Customised academic materials

Students are provided with placement tests, exit tests (progression assessed), and workbooks to use and take home with them at the end of the course. All content is created by educational specialists for the Ardmore program.

Superior nationality mix

We believe that a diverse nationality mix is the key to practising English outside the classroom. In 2019, we welcomed 12,000+ students from over 50 countries.

Proud members of the Active Learning Group

Ardmore has access to the resources of a large, multinational company, all while maintaining its identity as a closely-knit, family business.

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