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Brighton College is the perfect center for students looking to experience our English language course, while enjoying the lively and scenic beach town of Brighton.

Brighton College, with its 24-hour security, offers a perfect balance between a city centre location with the safety and space of a residential centre. The school’s excellent facilities include a beautiful dining hall, modern classrooms, tennis courts, paying fields, common rooms with TVs and an indoor theatre.

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  •  Mainly single, twins and triples with some larger rooms available in boarding houses on the main college campus
  • Shared shower and bathroom facilities
  • Single en-suite available out of campus, 15 min daily shuttle included
  • English Language Programme
  • Excursions
    • Brighton i360
    • Brighton Lanes
    • Brighton Pier & Sea Life Centre
    • London
    • Portsmouth
    Key Selling Points
    • Few minutes walk to the beach and Town Centre
    • Highly ranked British boarding school
    • Iconic British seaside location
    • Safe compact campus
    • 24 hour security
    • Computer Suite
    • Dining/Room Hall
    • Modern/Traditional Classrooms
    • Sports facilities
    • Wifi
    Where to find Brighton College

    88 km from London
    108 km from Heathrow
    45 km from Gatwick
    157 km from Stansted

    Brighton, United Kingdom

    Brighton, United Kingdom

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